VR Porn: Participation Or Passive Watching?

Over the past few years, the adoption of VR has caused a porn revolution. Human perception of pleasures delivered by adult content has changed forever. Today, porn is experienced, rather than watched. The visual depth and immersion provided by VR headsets explain the skyrocketing popularity of the format.

According to the promotional campaigns, the viewer can now feel like an active participant in the scenes. Of course, VR porn does deliver the extremely enjoyable multisensory experience, especially with the use of haptic accessories. However, the perceived participation is not always so active, and here is why. read more

How VR Porn Is Filmed

If you have ever watched 4k VR porn, you might be wondering how studios achieve this incredibly powerful immersion. Once you don a headset, you find yourself in a fully virtual environment revolving around sex. As most videos are filmed with a 180 or 360-degree perspective, you may freely look around the room and focus on any part of your partner’s body.

In addition, if you have VR-compatible sex toys, their vibrations may be synced up with the movements in the sex scene. All these peculiarities create unprecedented visual depth and strength of sensations. But how is this content produced? read more

The Dawn Of Virtual Reality

The technology of VR has been rapidly evolving since its emergence half a century ago. The central concept, however, has remained the same. As a multisensory experience, VR engages multiple human senses, ensuring immersion instead of passive watching. Today, it has taken over the entertainment industry, and it is being implemented in travel and professional training.


The global entertainment industry is perhaps the most enthusiastic supporter of the new format. This is confirmed by its quick adoption in gaming. With a VR headset on, the digital gaming environment feels incredibly lifelike, and players feel like they are actually a part of this virtual world. There are numerous VR games for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Other uses include augmented reality and CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment) systems, as well as simulators and platforms for 3D display. read more

How Difficult It Is to Feature in VR Porn Films

In recent years, the worldwide popularity of virtual reality technology has been rapidly growing. It is a breakthrough innovation which creates a completely new, virtual world, around a viewer. However, no one can deny that the technology owes to VR porn for this acknowledgment. Almost every owner of a VR headset has watched a virtual reality adult movie.

Distinctions of VR Porn Films:

  • A viewer dives into a movie becoming a participant of an action;
  • The possibility to turn head and check the ambient creates a realistic feeling;
  • An actress (or actor, depending on a movie) is interacting with a viewer.

How a Film in VR is Shot

In order to provide the possibility for a viewer to see a complete 360 degrees picture, a film is shot with several cameras. Some of them are installed on one pole. These cameras are directed on the actress. Some of them are installed on the head of the main actor (who is playing the part of a viewer body). The camera angles are very limited. To avoid possible discomfort for a viewer, the cameras are not moving, they are fixed in certain position. An actress has to stay at a certain distance from cameras. read more

Costs Of VR Porn Production

VR porn delivers an entirely new type of adult entertainment. The format allows you to fully immerse yourself in a sexually charged digital world. Now, you no longer watch pornography – you experience it. But have you ever wondered what it costs to shoot your favorite 180-degree scenes?

In fact, production costs are twice as high as for ordinary porn. Most of this money is consumed by post-production. To better comprehend the structure of expenses, let’s examine the technical side of things. read more