How VR Porn Is Filmed

If you have ever watched 4k VR porn, you might be wondering how studios achieve this incredibly powerful immersion. Once you don a headset, you find yourself in a fully virtual environment revolving around sex. As most videos are filmed with a 180 or 360-degree perspective, you may freely look around the room and focus on any part of your partner’s body.

In addition, if you have VR-compatible sex toys, their vibrations may be synced up with the movements in the sex scene. All these peculiarities create unprecedented visual depth and strength of sensations. But how is this content produced?

Secrets of Visual Depth

Ordinary 2D pornography usually involves using a couple of cameras that move around the set. Hence, directors have an opportunity to select the best angles after the shooting. In VR porn, however, filming must be close to flawless. With a VR headset, the user will certainly notice all the flaws of production. Minor errors may negatively affect the overall viewing experience.

Although you can find 360-degree videos, most studios focus on the 180-degree field of view. This is understandable, given that you often see your avatar body lying on a bed. When it is standing, however, you will appreciate the full perspective. Famous producer of VR content, BadoinkVR, achieves the wider view by using two Sony A7rii cameras. These feature 8mm fisheye lenses and form a custom rig.

Additional equipment includes the following:

  • a special monitoring system, in order for the director to control filming in real-time;
  • 4k external recorders;
  • monitors;
  • lights;
  • devices for still-image capture;
  • recorders of promo-content, which is created during the filming.

For BaDoinkVR, tech is the priority. Its CEO Todd Gilder said, “It’s five percent content, 95 percent technology. It’s the only way to stay competitive and to grow”. There is a whole production suite hidden from view, and its mission is to keep the viewers engaged. Moreover, several dozen developers work on stability and security, in addition to analyzing user data.

Challenges for Performers

Male porn actors often spend time staring at the ceiling, as the cameras need to be at their eye level. Otherwise, the viewers will not feel like they are in the scene. Female performers often have to multitask: look at the camera, remember to hit the cues and fit into the framing. Naturally, these requirements explain longer rehearsals, and they may prolong standard shooting time.