The Dawn Of Virtual Reality

The technology of VR has been rapidly evolving since its emergence half a century ago. The central concept, however, has remained the same. As a multisensory experience, VR engages multiple human senses, ensuring immersion instead of passive watching. Today, it has taken over the entertainment industry, and it is being implemented in travel and professional training.


The global entertainment industry is perhaps the most enthusiastic supporter of the new format. This is confirmed by its quick adoption in gaming. With a VR headset on, the digital gaming environment feels incredibly lifelike, and players feel like they are actually a part of this virtual world. There are numerous VR games for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Other uses include augmented reality and CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment) systems, as well as simulators and platforms for 3D display.

The morally condemned porn industry was quick to see the potential of immersive reality. Today, numerous studios are tirelessly producing VR-enhanced pornography. Manufacturers of sex toys have started tailoring their gadgets to the video content. Now, their vibrations can be synched up with the movement in the sex video.


On the other end of the moral spectrum, there are education and enlightenment. VR has the potential to revolutionize standard approaches to teaching. Educators praise the immersive power of so-called edutainment, envisioning apps that would allow us to walk on either side of the Berlin Wall in the 1980s. Here are some of the educational areas that could benefit from VR.

  • Interactive exhibitions in virtual museums;
  • Art galleries;
  • Interactive theatre performances;
  • Virtual theme parks;
  • Discovery centers.

VR headsets allow internet users to engage with exhibits in previously unknown or impossible ways. For example, stereoscopic lenses enable them to examine 3D objects at various angles. A special tracking system provides this immersion, as the computer alters the image in front of you in accordance with your position. Haptic input devices, such as data gloves, allow interaction with virtual exhibits.

World’s largest museum collections are becoming accessible for interactive exploration from the comfort of one’s home. Think of a historic building you admire, like the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. The immersive technology could make it possible to walk through its spacious and lavishly decorated rooms, providing background information along the way.  

In 2018, VR is still one of the hottest topics. It is radically transforming the human perception of high-quality entertainment and effective learning. VR is a charming world created by human imagination, and the benefits of the format are obvious.

How Difficult It Is to Feature in VR Porn Films

In recent years, the worldwide popularity of virtual reality technology has been rapidly growing. It is a breakthrough innovation which creates a completely new, virtual world, around a viewer. However, no one can deny that the technology owes to VR porn for this acknowledgment. Almost every owner of a VR headset has watched a virtual reality adult movie.

Distinctions of VR Porn Films:

  • A viewer dives into a movie becoming a participant of an action;
  • The possibility to turn head and check the ambient creates a realistic feeling;
  • An actress (or actor, depending on a movie) is interacting with a viewer.

How a Film in VR is Shot

In order to provide the possibility for a viewer to see a complete 360 degrees picture, a film is shot with several cameras. Some of them are installed on one pole. These cameras are directed on the actress. Some of them are installed on the head of the main actor (who is playing the part of a viewer body). The camera angles are very limited. To avoid possible discomfort for a viewer, the cameras are not moving, they are fixed in certain position. An actress has to stay at a certain distance from cameras.

Before the shooting itself, sexology specialists explain in details to actors how they shall act and move. Due to the technical peculiarities of footage, the number of poses is very limited. Besides, an actress is the one doing the biggest part of moves and actions. In comparison to the common porn, she has to interact with the camera, not with her partner. Thus, a viewer gets this eye contact which involves him in the process on the screen.

For an actor, it is important to remain static, especially if there is a camera installed on his head. However, he also has to stay aroused throughout the process of shooting.

As a VR porn film compiled of cuts creates an unrealistic feeling and may even distort an image, the movies have to be shot with the minimum amount of takes. It is way better when it is shot with one take.

Nowadays, a variety of adult movies in VR format is increasing. There are films with male or female protagonists. There are even possibilities to change from one actor view to the view of another participant. All these set very stringent requirements for actors. They have to act under a harder physical load, however, their screenplay must look very realistic. There is no right to make a mistake, as a complete film can be distorted. Thus, actors’ play is a key ingredient to a successful and exciting VR porn movie.